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We have now added two Solidscape T76 plus rapid prototyping machines that produce rp models for jewelry model, medical, toy and other applications requiring precision models.
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rp = rapid prototyping

There are three main rapid prototype rp model machines available suitable for jewelry, toy, medical and other applications requiring the best rapid prototype model detail. rpwax.com has made direct rapid prototype rp machine comparison using identical cad files and has the following rp model conclusion:

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3D Systems makes the Invision HR machine which is an attractively cased rapid prototype (rp) machine, simple to set up and use. The invision hr delivers fair quality and has excellent build speed. However the invision hr system has two major problems, the machine dependability is low and the models will not directly cast. A liquid mold must be made of each model. Not only does the liquid mold process take a full day to cure but you loose a generation of quality. You then must cut the mold open and make a casting wax copy using jewelers wax. This duplicate wax model (from the mold) is what is used for the actual casting process.

The Envision Perfactory rp model machine uses an upgradeable dlp platform that is small, sleek and quite. The rapid prototype model quality is good but as with the invision hr there are two major problems. The perfactory requires each model to have supports and rapid prototype rp model areas without sufficient support structures are subject to warping and distortion. Equally, if not more disturbing, is the inability to cast the model directly. As with the invision hr rp machine a liquid mold must be made and as mentioned above the mold process is both time consuming and will cause loss of detail.

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Solidscape makes the T76 plus, R66 plus, D76, D66, Patternmaster, t66, benchtop, t612 and modelmaker rapid prototype rp model machines. The Solidscape build times are slower than the above rp machines and the wax models are more fragile. But the Solidscape machines deliver the best rapid prototype "rp" model detail. The Solidscape series of machines are the only rp machines that will direct cast. You can see actual models and castings by clicking here. Our RP jewelry models are at the highest detail level. There is no need for any mold prior to casting because the wax model material will directly cast. If you are like me and want to take a job and deliver the finished product the Solidscape series of rp model machines does this best.

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System Specifications
Build envelope
6 x 6 x 4 in
15.2 x 15.2 x 10.1 cm
21.6W x 19.26D x 16.06H in
54.86W x 48.92D x 40.77H cm
75 lbs
34 kg
115V 60Hz AC with dedicated 20A circuit
230V 50Hz AC with dedicated 10A circuit
Ambient temperature
60° to 80° F at a 40% to 60%
range of humidity
16° to 27° C at a 40% to 60%
range of humidity
Z-axis build layer
From 0.0005 to 0.0030 in
12.7 to 76.2 μm

±0.001 in per inch across the
XYZ dimensions
±25.4μm in per inch across the
XYZ dimensions
Surface Finish
32-63 micro-inches (RMS)
Minimum feature size
0.010 in
0.0005, 0.0010, 0.0015, 0.0020, 0.0025
and 0.0030 in build layer
12.7μ, 25.4μ, 38.1μ, 50.8μ, 63.5μ and 76.2μ build layer
5000 x 5000 x 8000 XYZ
Unattended operation
Touch screen
Input files
.STL, .SLC (Other formats can be converted by RP Wax)


It is the most accurate, highest resolution rp machine currently available which can be within +/-0.05mm.

Ideal for parts with very fine features such as jewelry, toys, medical implements, eye wear, etc.

Super fine layer thickness (0.0127mm) is achievable.

No hand finishing or mold making is required when used for direct casting.

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